A New Day….

For those of you who used to follow me years ago, hi!  From this point on the purpose of this blog is no longer inspirational nor will it be tied to any of my teaching.  I have since moved away from the desolate spiritual wasteland of institutionalized spirituality (not sure that’s possible anyway!) and have committed myself to the care of hurting souls, bringing to them the healing power of grace in Christ, in relationship, in the undisturbed and undistracted context of a counseling office!  God is so good.

The purpose of renewing this blog is to begin a new adventure and perhaps a difficult one.  This week my sweet bride was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer.  Neither of us have ever been down a road like this.  We yearn for God in the midst of it all and already sense Him drawing closer to us as the medical contingency draw up her treatment plan.   This season of blog positing will have everything to do with witnessing to the movement of God’s spirit in our lives as we both travel down this somewhat dark and un-illuminated road.

Years ago I heard it quoted from King George- ‘put your hand in the hand of God.  It is much better than light and much safer than the known!’  AMEN!   Here we go!!!


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